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Hacienda El Viejo Wetlands

El Viejo Wetlands is a tourist attraction and Wildlife Refuge which frames Palo Verde National Park, providing a natural buffer zone for thousands of multicolor tropical birds. Palo Verde is recognized internationally thanks to its biological wealth and diverse ecosystems. This RAMSAR site shelters many endangered species living in marshlands and creeks throughout the Tempisque River Basin.

You can enjoy our visit to El Viejo Wetlands and Refuge either by boat on the waters of Tempisque River, experience our natural trails, see the birds in our 500 acres private wetland or flying over it in our zip line and of course delight the Guanacaste flavor in our restaurant with a typical costarican food "casado".

For those looking for a folkloric, cultural and historical experience, come and see an elderly "Casona" which was built to last. This venerable construction will tell the story of the Guanacaste cowboys or "sabaneros" who lived way before cars, cell phones or internet. This house of ancient lineage proudly represents the hard working spirit of those who lived and died by the midst of the 1800s in a faraway era of colonial Costa Rica.

We look forward to being your hosts as you enjoy El Viejo Wetlands!!!


Our mission is to protect in perpetuity the terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity of the National Wildlife Refuge Hacienda El Viejo through a program of restoration and development with sustainable initiatives and community benefit for the educational, recreational, social and economic satisfaction of present and future generations

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